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With 14 years of prosecution experience, Kim Laseter has tried more than 100 jury trials and handled thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanor drug possession, driving while intoxicated, and family violence, to aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault, and murder. 

Kim has conducted state-level training for both law enforcement and attorneys. She is also a member of the Texas Bar College, an honor allotted to only the top 4% of Texas lawyers and Judges.

Kim knows law enforcement, knows how cases are prosecuted, and knows how to defend your rights.  She knows that every case and every client is unique. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter approach. Let Kim personalize an approach that meets your specific goals.

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Kim Laseter understands the criminal justice system, including how prosecutors and law enforcement are trained, how evidence is gathered, and how police reports are generated. Time is critical and Kim recognizes that an early and zealous defense can affect the filing of charges and the outcome of your case.

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